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Brian’s Poem. /// In the fourth grade, I asked my mom why I had a bad brain. She promised me I’d always be wonderful. I’d repeated second grade. Two years later, I spent too much time jumping on the trampoline in the sensory room. I never liked to read. Disliked math and AP history. But […]

Finding My True Calling

Diane’s story. She is 55. /// Most of my life I knew I wanted to teach special education to children with special needs. Over a 20-year career, I loved each year taught. I enjoyed each child I had in my classroom, even amongst the challenges, my students, staff and parents were the best! To coin […]

Being the Key

Lisa’s story. She is 48. Watch the reading of Lisa’s story from the Facing Autism Event. /// I first heard the word autism in the early 1980s while sitting in a classroom at Ball State University. I went to Ball State to study marketing, but it wasn’t really me so I went through a series […]

Changing Normal

Kim’s Story.  She is 41. /// I didn’t learn that my daughter, who is now 12, had autism until she was about four years old.  My pregnancy with her was very difficult and I had to have a C-section.  Her brother is three years older that she is and I was determined not to compare […]

All I Can Give

Haley’s Story. She is 36. /// You know, some people think that you are valuable based on your ability to work, or what you can contribute or if you can earn an income, but we believe that – because you are alive – you have value.  So it doesn’t matter if all six of my children […]