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List of stories:

This is My Son, as told to Ivy Farguheson

Mine, as told to Chris Bavender

My Son, The Prom King, as told to Lisa Combs

Journeying from Disbelief to Acceptance, as told to Beth Messner

Healing is Believing, as told to Kelsey Timmerman

Pay Attention, as told to Jamie Linton

Journaling, as told to Cheryl Williamson

Thriving in the Unknown, as told to Suzanne Clem

Drive, as told to J.R. Jamison

Tackle, as told to Tom Steiner

All I Can Give, as told to Tiffany Erk

Changing Normal, as told to Pat Bennett

Being the Key, as told to Abby Walton

Ask, as told to Clarissa Bowers

Home Plate, as told to Cheryl Williamson

Finding My True Calling, as told to Cathy Shouse

Blue Dragon Avatar, as told to Michael Brockley


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Behavior Associates of Indiana
3601 W Bethel Ave, Muncie, IN 47304
(765) 282-8222

Muncie Public Libraries

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